Integrated Informatics

Integrated Analysis

Diagnostic pathology laboratories exist to analyse samples and to produce data and observations relating to this analysis. The data facilitates both the diagnosis and management of medical conditions and it is therefore fundamental to healthcare. Equipped with the most advanced analysers and diagnostic technology HSW provides integrated diagnostic testing services that inter-operate with other essential sources of critical information. This results in the best potential immediate and longer-term care for patients.

Bespoke Informatics Software

Alongside the provision of diagnostic testing services, HSW is developing bespoke informatics software to enable pathology and diagnostic information to be reported in a format that can be easily integrated into the practice management systems and mobile platforms of individual healthcare institutions. As each client may require different levels of access to information in different formats, the software is designed to integrate various systems and appropriate levels of portal – or ‘dashboard’ – access.

HSW provides cloud-based digital platform conforming to the highest demands of GDPR for the secure storage of patient data to facilitate the integration of core diagnostic results and other essential parameters into a client’s dashboard.

The provision of laboratory and IT solutions assists clinical teams to achieve the evolving patient outcomes demanded by translational and precision medicine.

The key challenge with the sheer volume of data being produced by new diagnostic centres of excellence is often the lack of interoperability to enable consumers and healthcare professionals to access integrated information. HSW provides this level of data-share at a professional level, which in turn creates an operating platform for the major patient-facing systems.